Zhou Mi haters

ANOTHER rant session?? LOL Yeah... -dont' hate me-

Just to clear things up for, NO it's NOT the owner of kpopsecrets writing this. It's some random anon.

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i find him so UNLIKEABLE. he destroyed KYUMIN.
i don’t HATE him actually, i just can’t find myself to like him.

i see him as this alien who came to terrorize kyumin.
and also because i see that kyuhyun exerts more effort into QMI than KYUMIN.
and it breaks my heart to see sungmin’s face here.


s!b 1:my friends aboslutely LOVE zhou mi.
s!b 2: i want SJ as 13+2. but not 15. (another thing that i can’t tell my friends)

Okay, my rant starts now LOL

Okay, you can't accept Zhou Mi, well... You should be happy because Zhou Mi accepts YOU. For you to hate Zhou Mi because of QMi is just plain mean is ridiculous because he still accepts you! Have you seen him talking about fans who hate him on variety shows and etc? Have you seen how heart-broken he looks whenever he talks about people that hate him and yet he still says he'll work hard and try his best to get you guys to like him. Have you ever seen him cry because of the hate people give him for QMi?

I bet you haven't because you probably wouldn't have written such a thing... But if you have, you're just a bitch.

What is there not to love about Zhou Mi? He's cute, has a great voice, talented, hard-working and AMAZING. It's true that I don't ship or like QMi what-so-ever, it doesn't mean it gives me the right to hate Zhou Mi! In fact, I LOVE Zhou Mi :3 He's awesome and makes me proud to be Chinese ^^v

Yes, it also saddens me to see Sungmin like that but hey, he still has Henry there! and I'm 100% sure he is more than happy talking to the baby. Henry's funny and amazing! I sure wouldn't mind if I were Sungmin :3

And no, he didn't DESTROY KyuMin. Kyuhyun and Sungmin both have their own thoughts and feelings. So the fact that Kyuhyun and Sungmin haven't been doing much fanservice together is NOT because of Zhou Mi! Kyuhyun is entitled to hang out with whomever he pleases, whomever makes him happiest. Not that Sungmin doesn't make him happy but Sungmin himself is getting attached to other members like Henry, Wookie, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae, etc... So if you were to hate QMi because they apparently broke up KyuMin, why not hate HaeMin, HyukMin, MinWook, SiMin, etc? They aren't KyuMin and yet you people still ship them... Idg, but I do respect the fact you ship them. All the SuJu pairings are adorable in their own way.

One thing that bugs me a lot is how people characterize and genearalize all Kyumin and QMi shippers as being annoying and a pain in the ass. Not ALL shippers are and the ones who are, are those who hate.

Like what Sara said:
Please, I beg of you, think about what you’re doing and think about how it is no better than what you hate. Which, by the way, you shouldn’t hate.

If you truly love and support Kyuhyun and Sungmin and Zhou Mi then you will love and support them when they are with the people that make them happiest, even if it doesn’t live up to whatever fantasies you hold.

Don’t you see how silly this is! All this over things completely out of our control! And it doesn’t even matter! I just *what whatever makes them happiest.
*I think she meant like whatever

That's it for now ^^ Again, please stop the hate and spread the ♥!